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At EmPRO, our team takes pride in our relationships with New York Professionals. With decades of experience in medical liability litigation and a commitment to levering technology, EmPRO provides the highest quality service to our insureds.

EmPRO is committed to providing New York physicians with the best products and services at excellent rates.
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Available Discounts
Not all discounts can be combined

25 to 57%

New Doctor Discount

Available to physicians who apply within 90 days of completing their residency or for those physicians beginning private practice for the first time. Claims-Made: Approximately 57% for first year, 37% second year and 25% third year.
Occurrence: 50% for the first year

35 to 50%

Part-Time Discount

50% premium discount is offered to physicians in non-surgical specialties who work a total of 20 or less hours per week.
35% premium discount is offered to physicians in surgical specialties who work a total of 20 or less hours per week.

7.5 to 12%

Claims Free Discount

Up to 12% discounts for physicians who are claims-free for the qualified period of time


Joint Defense Discount

This discount permits EmPRO to assign one attorney to represent co-defendants on one claims
** Only available to full-time practitioners**


Risk Management Discount

Offered to physicians for successful completion of EmPRO’s Risk Management Program.


No Consent

Offered to physicians who grant EmPRO the right to settle any claims made against you without your prior written consent.


Annual Pre-Pay

Offered to physicians who make a full annual payment prior to their due date.

Risk Purchasing Group Discounts

Discounts vary by group association; please contact our Sales Department at (833) 774-6625 for eligibility requirements and discount information.

Coverage Options

Claims-Made policies cover claims for incidents that occur while your policy is in effect and are also reported while your policy is in effect.
Occurrence policies cover claims arising during your policy period irrespective of when the claims are reported.

Extended Reporting Coverage (Tail)

If you discontinue your Claims-Made policy, Tail is available to guarantee coverage for claims which are reported after the termination date, provided they are based on incidents which occurred while your policy was active.

Prior Acts Coverage (Nose)

Applicants may apply for Nose that will protect you against claims arising after your former policy has expired. This eliminates the need to purchase Tail coverage from your prior carrier.
The premium for Nose coverage is calculated by incorporating the total number of years of continuous Claims-Made coverage needed.

New York State Excess Liability Coverage (Section 18)

This additional layer of coverage of $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 annual aggregate is available at no cost to the physician, provided they meet the requirements set forth by NYSDFS.

Direct Pay Excess Coverage

This additional layer of coverage of $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 annual aggregate is available to physicians who do not maintain a Section 18 policy and wish to purchase an excess policy, provided they meet the requirements set forth by PRI.

Medical Entity Coverage for your PC, LLC, PLLC or Partnership

For an additional premium, groups can purchase coverage at the entity level for claims arising from the alleged malpractice of practitioners listed on the policy. The policy will also extend coverage to employees such as medical assistants, licensed practical nurses, technicians and nurses.

Locum Tenens Coverage

Physicians who temporarily cover for you can be covered by your PRI policy for an additional premium. An application for this coverage is required and the covering physician must receive prior approval from PRI.
⦁ Regular Suspension (One Year Max)
⦁ Disability Suspension (Two Years Max)
⦁ Moratorium (Military Leave)

Administrative Action Legal Representation Coverage

At no additional cost, EmPRO policies include up to $25,000 coverage for fees related to legal representation, subject to certain limitations, in connection with administrative actions brought against the Insured by a government body organized for the purpose of maintaining standards of conduct and competence.

Payment Options

⦁ Annual or quarterly billing with no finance or installment fees
Credit Card
⦁ Premium finance options

Forms and Applications

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