1. Delays in response or non-response to your complaints in lack of coverage: Constantly kicking the can down the road, is not a legitimate response. Making you, the provider go in circles, is not a sign of good faith.
  2. Refusing to pay the claim prior to a real investigation: The insurance company, if asked, should provide the factual basis of their denial. Scholarly articles and CPT codes should be cited, with explanations.
  3. Offering to cover a small amount of a legitimate bill, to settle the matter, even though your treatment and charge are shown to be reasonable; Is not a demonstration of good faith.
  4. Stalling the matter by the insurance company with opening a new claim, is a sign of bad faith. Which just simply stalls the matter.

Until next week,

Larry Kobak
Lawrence F. Kobak, Esq.
Senior Counsel
Frier Levitt