Every physician has a small percentage of patients that usually give them a very significant amount of stress and aggravation. In most states, you can jettison all or some of these patients with a “thirty day letter”. To do so, you must send a certified letter that includes a required return receipt to the patient. As long as it is accurate, it can state that the letter is due to a lack of trust, or due to the patient’s failure to follow instructions, or some other general statement. The letter should not state anything referring to anyone’s race or religion. It is best not to give any specific reason for the letter. However, please make sure your medical chart have contemporaneous notations of any patient discourtesies, profanities, rudeness and/or over the top requests of you or your staff. When in doubt, check with your healthcare attorney.


Larry Kobak
Lawrence F. Kobak, Esq.
Senior Counsel
Frier Levitt