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Reporting a Claim to EmPRO

Insureds should contact the Claims Department without delay to report any claim. To facilitate reporting, the caller should have available any relevant legal papers, medical and/or billing records of the patient.

Please note that only written notice to us of a claim triggers coverage under the policy.


The service of any legal papers in a medical malpractice action requires prompt notice to the Claims Department in order to properly protect your interests.
• A Summons is served to initiate the commencement of an action (lawsuit).
• A Subpoena is issued by a Court in order to require a witness to produce records and/or testify in a medical malpractice action.

Letters Asserting a Claim

Oftentimes a patient or their representative will make a written claim, excluding a lawsuit for monetary damages. This type of asserted claim is treated similarly to a lawsuit.

Administrative Actions

EmPRO provides defense coverage for certain insureds who receive an investigatory letter from a state licensing agency, i.e., Office of Professional Medical Conduct, and the Office of Professional Discipline.

Potential Incidents, Adverse Outcomes, and Related Record Requests

EmPRO encourages the reporting of an incident that may give rise to a future medical malpractice lawsuit such as an adverse outcome in treatment or the request for the records by an attorney. If you would like to report a potential medical malpractice incident, you may complete and sign the Incident Report Form – “IRF.”

All types of claims or record requests require the completion of an Incident Report Form.  All materials should then be forwarded to the EmPRO Claims Department via mail, email, or fax.

Fax: 516-684-2362
Phone: 1-833-774-6625, Ext. 4194


Fax: 516-684-2362
Phone: 1-833-774-6625, Ext. 4194