Do you routinely throw out letters from your insurance companies? I am talking about all kinds of insurance. Do you not save your old medical malpractice insurance policies? Start saving these letters and emails immediately. Scan it, take a picture or file a hard copy, but save them. The information that is and is not contained on them may wind either costing you a lot of money, or saving you a lot of money. The “other side” has a bad habit of not being able to find the company copy when it suits them. I understand you do not want to be a hoarder, but I also understand you would like to be a bit richer. Letters that were recently sent, that were factually incorrect concerning the demutualization of an insurance company in NY, because of their wording, might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is but one example. If in doubt, save it!


Larry Kobak, Esq.