I am often asked who should do my billing. All to often, a successful practice’s biller is an uncertified office manager. Perhaps that “biller” took a weekend course on billing. The “biller” often has no clue as to CPT-10 or ICD intricacies. Often I hear that “someone” told her/him, that using that code was acceptable, with no verification. Remember, when that HCFA form goes out electronically or otherwise, it is over YOUR signature over the penalty of perjury! Providers should be using legitimately certified coders, either in-house or companies using certified coders. If you have an agreement with a coding company, insist that the agreement states that only certified coders will touch your forms. If you are a specialist ascertain whether the coder has experience in YOUR field. An ounce of prevention….

Courtesy of Frier Levitt, Attorneys at Law