EmPRO Physicians’ Club

HOMEEmPRO Physicians’ Club

The EmPRO Physicians’ Club, which is open to all physicians, provides an opportunity for practitioners to gather in a relaxed atmosphere where they can connect and talk about their stresses, careers, work-life balance, resilience strategies, etc. We provide a forum where physicians can talk, exchange ideas and establish comradery with the common goal of nourishing and supporting each other and to reawaken the joy and sense of satisfaction that can be found in the practice of medicine.

We schedule quarterly events (some at your own expense) such as private tours of museums and events such as cooking classes and rooftop cocktail parties. During the pandemic, we have held monthly exclusive virtual events featuring family friendly programs such as musical performances with Q&A’s with stars from popular Broadway shows, virtual tours of historic buildings and locations and Master Class programs on a wide range of topics.

Please share your event ideas with us!

Please contact Christine Quinn: C.Quinn@Medmal.com
or Physiciansclub@Medmal.com

The Physicians’ Club has hosted a variety of unique and fun events for physicians and their families including:

  • Rooftop Cocktail Party in NYC
  • Private Tour and Lunch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Private Tour and Lunch at the Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • Cooking Class
  • Virtual Live Concerts featuring performers from hit Broadway Shows such as: Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful, and Jersey Boys
  • Interactive Magic Show
  • Live Jazz Master Class
  • Performance by a Family Friendly Comedian
  • Virtual Tour of NYC’s Central Park
  • Virtual Tours of Historic Buildings Led by Experts
    • Brewster House Tavern c. 1665 (Spies, Loyalists and the American Revolution)
    • Thompson House c. 1709 (The Past, Present and Future of Medicine)
    • Stony Brook, NY c. 1941 (The first planned shopping center in the U.S.)
  • Nighttime Star Gazing – Virtual Master Class Experience
  • The History of Life on Earth – Virtual Master Class
  • Normandy- D Day Beaches – Virtual Tour from France
  • Virtual Tour of Broadway Theatres
  • Moscow Space Odyssey – Live Virtual Master Class
  • The Wonders of Machu Picchu – Live Virtual Tour
  • The National Baseball Hall of Fame – Live Virtual Tour
  • Private Tour and Lunch at Old Westbury Gardens