Please be cautious of fraud related to the New York State Department of Health’s OPMC oversight process

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) has oversight of complaints about physicians, physician assistants and specialist assistants and monitors practitioners who are subject to orders of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.  Some physicians have reported being contacted by scammers.

These individuals pretend they are from the DOH, identify a threat to their professional license such as a suspension and then place pressure to act immediately to resolve the threat with monetary compensation.

We encourage you to proceed with extreme caution and here are some suggestions:

  1. DOH never asks for credit card payment over the telephone or a wire transfer from a retail establishment such as Western Union.
  2. Please secure all personal and financial information in response to unexpected requests and reach out to someone you trust to discuss further.
  3. A legitimate contact from DOH will include contact information so you can respond to phone calls or letters; contact information for the DOH; a complete return mailing address; a specific explanation for why it was sent and an explanation of your rights.
  4. Contact information for the Office of Professional Medical Conduct can be located on the DOH website at .
  5. If you have been contacted by a spammer, please report to your local law enforcement or the Federal Trade Commission.

Thank you.