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Risk Management — A Multi-Faceted Approach


EmPRO provides experienced and knowledgeable Risk Management resources tailored to your practice. We focus on understanding what type of issues lead to claims and partner with you to help you identify strategies you can implement to reduce your claims exposure.

Our comprehensive risk management services, which are complementary to EmPRO insureds, include:

  • Data-driven analysis of claims experience to assess exposure and identify best practices
  • Tailored evaluations of clinical and operational practices to deflate risk and enhance overall performance
  • Ongoing support for all of your risk management queries


Welcome to the Physicians’ Club

Many Physicians’ are experiencing a sense of isolation as a result of changes in the way medicine is currently practiced.  The Physicians’ Club is an innovative way to help physicians connect by creating a regular forum where physicians can talk and socialize in a relaxed environment. The Physicians’ Club organizes a variety of events to provide opportunities for doctors to build relationships, exchange ideas, and support each other while sharing experiences.

We welcome your ideas and feedback.  Please contact us at:  Physiciansclub@medmal.com

Premium Discount Programs

EmPRO offers live seminars and web-based online premium discount programs which also earn participants CME credit.

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Peer Support Program

EmPRO has created a new and innovative program designed to assist our physicians when they face an unexpected complication, a medical error, or malpractice litigation. This program is intended to help support our physicians if they encounter these stressful experiences.

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