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This episode’s guest, Dr. Gail Gazelle, with 25 years as a practicing internist and hospice physician, combines practical, evidence-based strategies with her extensive medical and mindfulness expertise. She is a recognized figure in the media, featured in outlets like CNN, NPR, Oprah Magazine, and has been published twice in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as other leading medical journals.

Her latest book, “Mindful MD: 6 Ways Mindfulness Restores Your Autonomy and Cures Healthcare Burnout,” underscores her significant contributions to wellness. Utilizing mindfulness to become the master of the mind, she shares the keys to reducing reactivity, decreasing burnout, and restoring the true autonomy that we can all retain. Using dozens of real-life stories, she helps readers see that they don’t have to hand over their happiness to a complex and dysfunctional healthcare system.

In this podcast Dr. Gazelle shares insights into her work addressing physician burnout and fostering flourishing. Reflecting on her own journey, she discusses her initial interest in end-of-life care, shaped by complex family experiences. The conversation explores burnout roots in medical training, discussing self-critical thoughts, perfectionism, and the imposter syndrome among physicians. Dr. Gazelle advocates for mindfulness as a key tool in regaining autonomy, reconnecting with purpose, and challenging negative thought patterns. She introduces a coaching model incorporating mindfulness to help physicians find meaning and acknowledge positives, emphasizing individual empowerment and systemic healthcare challenges.

Gail defines mindfulness in terms of awareness and mind training. In addressing health professional burnout, she stresses the need to focus on present moment experiences and work with what is-how things actually are- accepting the current state in healthcare as lived reality as an honest and workable starting point for transformation. She also explores the impact of stories in our professional lives, differentiating between helpful stories that add meaning and purpose to our work and unhelpful narratives that keep us stuck with an unrealistic and unworkable view of ourselves and our situations. Finally, the conversation touches on the transformative power of flourishing in healthcare, both as a recipient of healthcare and as a provider of care to others.


Gail Gazelle, MD



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