Medical Malpractice Insurance for Social Service Agencies

HOMEMedical Malpractice Insurance for Social Service Agencies

Why Are Social Service Agencies Choosing EmPRO as Their Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier?

EmPRO has a variety of primary professional liability insurance offerings for Social Service Agencies.

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Claims Defense

EmPRO understands that protecting your reputation and interests are our number one priority. If you are ever involved in a malpractice suit, you can rest assured knowing that our claims specialists will work tirelessly to investigate and strategize on your behalf. At EmPRO, we will put together a team of top legal, claims, insurance, and medical experts, to bring forth the strongest defense possible on your behalf.

Access to Commercial General Liability, Excess Professional Liability, and Excess General Liability

In addition to primary professional liability policies, EmPRO can offer commercial general liability policies, as well as excess policies for both underlying coverages. The underlying policies do not necessarily need to be insured with EmPRO; we would be more than happy to evaluate and offer excess liability policies. Please note that general liability cannot be bound without professional liability, and all coverages are subject to EmPRO’s evaluation and approval.


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Physician Peer Support

No social service agency wants to have an adverse event or become involved in a malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of litigation, no matter how competent a physician may be. At EmPro, we have trained, knowledgeable, experienced physicians to provide support to you if the need arises. Our physician peer-supporters are available to have a confidential call to discuss an adverse event, litigation, or any frustrations or challenges related to practicing medicine today.

Empro offers:

  • One-to-one support
  • Virtual group peer support
  • In-person group peers support

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