Section 18 Excess Frequently Asked Questions for New York State Policyholders

HOMESection 18 Excess Frequently Asked Questions for New York State Policyholders


Q. Where do I forward my completed application?

You must complete an application online by clicking the “login” button at the top right corner of this page. There you will find detailed instructions on how to register and apply electronically.


Q. When should I submit my application?

It is requested that the completed application be submitted electronically by June 30th each year.  The absolute deadline is December 31st.


Q. Is there an additional fee for this coverage?

No.  Coverage is paid through the NYS Section 18 Excess Liability Insurance Pool.


Q. Do I have to complete an application each year and do I automatically qualify for Section 18 Excess if I had Section 18 Excess last year?

Yes.  An online Excess application will need to be submitted every year. If you had Excess coverage last year, you are automatically eligible for the following year provided you have:

• Maintained limits of liability of 1.3/3.9 million on your primary policy
• Completed the mandatory Risk Management course (required every two years)
• Completed the online Excess application on our website


Q. Do I need to complete the mandatory Risk Management Course?

It is mandatory that you complete the risk management course every two years. Notifications are sent out by EmPRO’s Education Department advising insureds who need to complete the risk management course must be completed by June 30th every other year. If you have any questions regarding the risk management course and wish to speak with a representative from the Education Department, please call 516-277-4326.


Q. Can I have more than one Section 18 Excess policy?