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Why Are Obstetricians & Gynecologists Choosing EmPRO as Their Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier?

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EmPRO offers competitive Obstetrics-Gynecology rates for physicians.

Get an instant quote today, and take advantage of EmPRO’s premium discount opportunities.

EmPRO is physician-owned and exclusive to New York

As a physician-owned professional liability insurance company exclusive to New York, EmPRO understands what it means to put the needs of New York OB-GYNs first.

Spend less time managing your policy and more time caring for your patients

EmPRO understands that the last thing a obstetrician/gynecologist needs to do is to spend valuable time with mundane administrative tasks which is why EmPRO has developed EmPROConnectSM.

EmPROConnectSM is a suite of web-based tools designed to ensure that our physicians can easily manage their malpractice insurance policy.

With EmPROConnectSM, physicians can easily receive quotes and apply for malpractice insurance, access their premiums and deductibles, view invoices, generate certificates of insurance, and much more.

With EmPRO, bills can be paid by credit or debit card without incurring a fee.

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Claims defense

As a physician-owned company, EmPRO understands that defending our physicians is our number one priority. If you are ever involved in a malpractice suit, you can rest assured knowing that our claims team will work tirelessly to investigate and strategize on your behalf. At EmPRO, we will put together a team of top legal, claims, insurance, and medical experts, including leading experts in obstetrics and gynecology, to bring forth the strongest defense possible on your behalf. EmPRO’s Medical Directors will work with our attorneys in the initial phase of the claims process to ensure that your claim receives the optimal defense strategy.

EmPRO understands that the practice of medicine carries inherent risks to the patient and that an adverse event does not necessarily imply negligence. It is therefore important for obstetricians and gynecologists to select a malpractice carrier who understands that obstetrics and gynecology has inherent risks and that a case should not be settled merely because of a poor outcome.

  • Where other malpractice companies settle for business reasons, EmPRO will fight on your behalf.
  • EmPRO uses data-analytics to drive strategic planning of claims defense.
  • EmPRO’s claims team has a proven track record of success. To learn more, click here.
  • EmPRO has a captive medical malpractice law firm, providing in-house legal expertise.

Comprehensive risk management services

EmPRO’s risk management and legal team have decades of experience supporting and advising our physicians on how to best mitigate risk in their practice. EmPRO provides consultation services for both small and large practices.

Access to award-winning education

Our award winning CME and MOC education programs combine the very best risk management and patient safety content into easy to learn, memorable online courses. Our courses are approved by the Medical Society of the State of New York and the New York State Department of Financial Services for the New York State medical malpractice insurance premium discount and excess malpractice insurance program.


  • Stay informed with EmPRO’s legal briefs
  • Find specialty-specific risk management content with EmPRO’s original articles, videos, and posts.
  • Stay current by following EmPRO’s social media feeds for the latest news, information, and original articles.
  • Keep up to date with the latest malpractice trends by attending EmPRO’s webinars.

Physician peer support

No OBGYN wants to have an adverse event or become involved in a malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of litigation, no matter how competent a physician may be. At EmPRO, we have trained, knowledgeable, experienced physicians to provide support to you if the need arises. Our physician peer-supporters are available to have a confidential call to discuss an adverse event, litigation, or any frustrations or challenges related to practicing medicine today.

EmPRO offers:

  • One-to-one support
  • Virtual group peer support
  • In-person group peers support

In Focus – Obstetrics and Gynecology Malpractice Claims

A significant challenge that obstetrician-gynecologists face in their career is a medical malpractice lawsuit.  ACOG reported on a total of 4,294 obstetricians and gynecologists who responded to their 2015 survey on medical malpractice issues:

74%  Reported at least one claim during professional career

2.6    The average number of claims per physician (1)

What were the two most common obstetric medical malpractice claims?

  • Neurologically impaired infant (27.4%)
  • Stillbirth or neonatal death (15%). (2)

What were the most common gynecological medical malpractice claims?

  • Major patient injury (27.9%)
  • Minor patient injury (23.4%)
  • Delay in or failure to diagnose” (21.5%). [“Of the “delay in or failure to diagnose” claims, the most frequent claims involved failure to diagnose cancer, with breast cancer being the most common type.”] (3)

When surveyed how the threat of litigation affected professional practice the responses were:

23.8%              OB-GYNs that decreased amount of high risk obstetrical patients for fear of claim

13.4%              OB-GYNs that stopped performing vaginal birth after cesarean delivery

19.7%              Decreased the number of gynecologic surgeries

7.7%                Stopped performing major gynecologic surgery (4)

Medpage Today published in July, 2018 “Severe Ob/Gyn Shortage Looming” with aging staff and the workload carried (based upon number of births) as contributors to the problem.  New York was not listed as an area of high or low shortage predicted. (5)



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