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PRI Introduces EmPRO

ROSLYN, N.Y. – September 14, 2020 – EmPRO Insurance Company (EmPRO), a new insurer capitalized with over $100 million that is domiciled and authorized to write medical professional liability business in the State of New York, officially launched today. Owned by Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (“PRI”), the third-largest admitted medical professional liability insurer in New York State, EmPRO is administered by [...]

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Drug Seeking Patients

Health care providers are always looking for a way to eliminate drug-seeking new patients. Consider putting up a sign in your waiting room that states there will be no opioid prescriptions on the first visit! Have your staff make your policy very clear on the phone during the first phone call [...]

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“Unbelievable” Opportunities and Why You Should Avoid Them

I know that for the physician and other healthcare providers, times are now tough. I have gotten several calls from clients, just this past week, consisting of various schemes to increase their income. EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS ILLEGAL! It consisted of kickbacks, revenue sharing, straw-man back accounts controlled by non-physicians, [...]

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Americans Disability Act

Since 1992, every healthcare provider in the United States has been subject to the Americans Disability Act in two ways. The healthcare provider must comply with the federal law as both and employer and as a medical provider. It is important that “disability” be defined for purposes of this law. “The [...]

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Virtual Peer Support Groups

JOIN US FOR VIRTUAL PEER SUPPORT View the 1-minute video below for an essence of the discussions that occur within the peer support group.  All groups are unique, with doctors  and the healthcare team free to explore all issues which may emerge. Joseph Weiner MD, PhD will be facilitating a complimentary virtual [...]

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Physicians As Team Leaders

Primarily, physicians are accustomed to being in a one-on-one relationship with the patient. This model of clinical care is taught from medical school through clinical training. Leadership skills were not formally part of the training of physicians, and yet the changing healthcare landscape, with its complexities and emphasis on teams, requires physicians [...]

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Regulated Medical Waste

With regulated medical waste, you have both federal considerations (OSHA) and state regulations. It is best if you keep a copy of your contract with your private waste company and a list of dates of pick-ups for all of your regulated medical waste. Keep it handy in the office so you [...]

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The Impaired Physician

Every state has regulations against impaired physicians. The key is if you get yourself in a program recognized by your state BEFORE you hurt anyone! Read that sentence carefully. There are really two parts: A recognized rehabilitation program by your state and Prior to your hurting ANYONE- a patient or someone [...]

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Interview with Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal on Why it is Important to Include Families in Patient Care

  "They’re the key to healing the person, not in the thirty minutes that we spend with them in the day, but the 23 hours and thirty minutes that they’re home together without us." Gurpreet Dhaliwal, M.D., is a clinician-educator and Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. [...]

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The Standard of Care

The Standard of Care is a legal concept in the law of negligence. It is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as: “that degree of care which a reasonably prudent person should exercise in same or similar circumstances.”. In professional malpractice, you would exchange prudent person to prudent practitioner of like specialty [...]

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