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You’re Invited to an Exclusive Tour of NYC Broadway Theaters

  EmPRO’s Physicians’ Club Presents: A Tour of NYC Broadway Theaters This virtual tour will explore all of the Broadway theaters at the southern end of the theater district from 41st Street to 44th Street. Journey back in time to Broadway’s early years full of roof garden theaters, tap shoes, and [...]

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Increased Use of Video Evidence Against Healthcare Providers

Increasingly, we are seeing health care providers being subject to video evidence taken in public areas of hospitals and healthcare facilities. On more than one occasion, during the investigation by a state or federal agency, video evidence was used to disprove a provider’s contention that they were not in a certain [...]

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What constitutes bad faith by an insurance company?

Delays in response or non-response to your complaints in lack of coverage: Constantly kicking the can down the road, is not a legitimate response. Making you, the provider go in circles, is not a sign of good faith. Refusing to pay the claim prior to a real investigation: The insurance company, [...]

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Common Problems Encountered in Subacute and Long-Term Care Facilities

Posted by: Sanford Goldberg M.D. and Philip Robbins M.D. Co-Chief Medical Officers for EmPRO Insurance Company Many malpractice cases result from allegations concerning the care of residents and long-term care patients in sub-acute and nursing home facilities. To better understand the risks identified in these cases, EmPRO conducted an in-depth review [...]

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Refusing to pay out claims by labeling them as investigative

Some insurance companies are taking certain procedures and refusing to pay out claims by labeling them as investigative. By doing so, this takes the claim out of certain types of appeals that is normally mandated by many states. Again, it is the insurance company who uses the label which has the [...]

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Exclusive Tour: The D-Day Beaches of Normandy

Join EmPRO for a live virtual Tour: The D-Day Beaches of Normandy. You’re invited to an Exclusive Live Tour conducted from our guide, Igor’s home in Normandy using live video-conferencing software. A note from our guide: With my tour you’ll gain the unique perspective of the grandson of Resistance fighters, who [...]

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The Wounded Healer: A Return to Flourishing in Medicine


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Considerations for Clinicians Providing Telehealth Services

Posted by: Sanford Goldberg M.D. and Philip Robbins M.D. Co-Chief Medical Officers for EmPRO Insurance Company As you are aware, telehealth services expanded greatly during the pandemic. Many rules regarding HIPPA privacy regulations were relaxed and reimbursement rates were adjusted to allow patients continued access to care during the pandemic emergency.1 [...]

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Legal reminders for those who take UDTs (urine drug tests)…

For those of you that take UDT, urine drug tests, be aware that you must justify the frequency of the tests. Is your patient a low, medium, or high risk to be a drug abuser? Additionally, you must research what a particular insurance plan may require to approve whatever your UDT [...]

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Defense Verdict in a Case of Neonatal Death Following an Emergency C-Section

Our Claims and Legal team secured a defense verdict in Kings County Supreme Court on behalf of an obstetrician in a case involving an allegation of failing to properly investigate and manage vasa previa in a 23-year old pregnant female resulting in an emergency Caesarean section (C-section), perinatal asphyxia, and neonatal [...]

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The Physicians’ Club Invites You to: The Wonders of Machu Picchu

The EmPRO Physicians' Club Presents... The Wonders of Machu Picchu A [...]

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How a Physician Can Lose a Case: The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records, No Matter the Patient

Most physicians who treat close friends or relatives don't keep detailed [...]

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Travel Back in Time (and Space) with the USSR Space Program!

EmPRO’s Physicians’ Club Presents: A Russian Space Odyssey You're going to [...]

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