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CONSULT A HEALTHLAW ATTORNEY before agreeing to a medication rebate situation

I have recently received several inquiries concerning drug rebates and physician prescriptions. Suffice it to say that this is an area rife with problems for the physician. The physicians said I write for this medication anyway, so there can be no question that the money is influencing my medical judgment. This [...]

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End of the Month Checklist

We are now well into October. It is time to start thinking of renewing your memberships in your state and federal professional societies. Make sure to update any changes in your address, phone number or email addresses. Additionally, check your Oxygen tanks, sterilizers, office fire alarms to make sure they have [...]

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You’re Invited to: Social Determinants of Health — What You Can Do (With Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD)

EmPRO Insurance is honored to invite you to a virtual presentation on Social Determinants of Health: What You Can Do On Thursday, October 22, 2020 7:30pm – 8:15pm EDT With International Thought Leader: GURPREET DHALIWAL, MD Learning Objectives for this presentation: Name two actions clinicians can take to address social determinants [...]

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Keep your Medical Charting Current

If you perform procedures in out-patient surgicenters, please make sure your medical charting is current within 24 hours of performing the procedure. Most states require your medical records to be written contemporaneously. That is generally meant to mean that your medical/surgical services have been recorded with one day. Larry Kobak [...]

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You’re Invited to: Beautiful – Featuring Music by Carole King | Live Virtual Concert

*Update: This event has reached capacity and is no longer receiving registrants. Please check back in for our next event - details coming soon! The EmPRO/PRI Physicians’ Club is Proud to Present: An Exclusive Live Virtual Concert Featuring Songs From Beautiful - The Carole King Musical. Join Us for a Live Virtual Concert [...]

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Social Determinants of Health: What You Can Do

EmPRO is honored to invite you to a Virtual Presentation on Social Determinants of Health:  What You Can Do on Thursday, October 22, 2020  7:30pm-8:15pm EDT With International Thought Leader Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD Learning Objectives: Name two actions clinicians can take to address social determinants of health in an office visit. [...]

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Employment Contracts

Many of my readers have occasion to sign employment contracts. They are either the employer or employee. I often hear that it is easier and cheaper to simply copy a contract from the internet than use a health care attorney. Actually, it might wind up being considerably more expensive. Contract law [...]

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Settlement Investigations

All healthcare practitioners must beware when they agree to settle a medical malpractice action. Any settlement is sent to the National Practitioner Data Base. This is monitored by all of the state’s professional licensure bodies. When settled for a relatively high amount of money, it may trigger an investigation by your [...]

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You’re Invited – Physician Well Being 2020: COVID-19 and Beyond

EmPRO Insurance is honored to welcome you to: Physician Well Being 2020: COVID-19 and Beyond With guest speaker and world-renowned thought leader: Colin West, MD, PhD When: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020, from 7:30pm-8:30pm Interested? Click HERE to RSVP This Program is Complimentary 

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To Report or Not Report?

Many physicians and other healthcare providers have inactive licenses from their residency days. If you have an adverse event occur, such as an administrative discipline from another state, a loss of privileges or removal from an insurance panel, that is reportable to all states that you have a license, active or [...]

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Cyberliability for Healthcare Providers and Professionals


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Join us for a LIVE Virtual Magic Experience!

*Update: This event has reached capacity and is no longer receiving [...]

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