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Physician Discussion Group – April

PRI is so pleased to have Ernest Kovacs, MD lead the physician discussion group on April 17th.  All topics are open for discussion and all physicians are welcomed. Dr. Kovacs is an expert on Physician Burnout. The group is a confidential, safe and comfortable place for physicians to share experiences with [...]

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PRI Course

PRI's latest excess insurance and 5% premium discount program is now available online! The course is entitled: Demystifying Medical Malpractice Litigation To access the program online, visit our education portal at and follow the instructions below: If you need any assistance call us at 1-855-794-9769 Please note: your login ID [...]

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Unlicensed Personnel

All too many practices employ unlicensed physical therapists, nurses, physicians, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. It is your responsibility as a licensed physician to check to make sure that any employee that requires an active license to practice, has a legitimate current license in the state in question. To do [...]

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PRI Webinar – Surviving A State Administrative Investigation – Playback

The playback for PRI's March 14, 2019 webinar - Surviving A State Administrative Investigation, is now available! The webinar features Dr. Lawrence F. Kobak. Listen to the playback and learn: What to do when you receive a request for records from the OPMC or OPDWhat to do if you receive [...]

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Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict in a Case of Alleged Wrongful Death in a Patient Undergoing a Renal Biopsy

                  Our claims team secured a defense verdict on behalf of a nephrologist, a nephrology professional corporation, and a nurse practitioner in a case involving the alleged wrongful death of a 53 year old patient involving the discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy in order [...]

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Physician Discussion Group – March

We welcome you to attend the March 20th PRI Physician Discussion Group! Interested physicians should call the PRI Education Department at 516-277-4326 to register. According to research by Colin West, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic physicians saw improvements in meaning and engagement with their work when they attended facilitated discussion groups focusing [...]

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PRI Webinar – Surviving A State Administrative Investigation

PRI WEBINAR Thursday March 14, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT To register for this event, click here. An investigation from the NY state licensing board, otherwise known as the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), can have serious consequences on a physician's license, practice, and livelihood. This is why [...]

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Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict in a Case of Subdural Hematoma

                  Our claims management team secured a defense verdict on behalf of an internist/rheumatologist and a nurse practitioner in Queens County Supreme Court in a case involving an allegation of a delayed diagnosis of a subdural hematoma resulting in neurological impairment. The plaintiff [...]

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Federal Anti-Kickback Act

How many of you work for a medical group as an independent contractor? Now, how many of you also work for a straight percentage of the patients seen? In other words, you are not getting a W-2 at the end of the year. Well, you may very well be in violation [...]

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Defense Verdict in a Pediatric Case of an Intracranial Tumor

                  Our claims management team obtained a defense verdict on behalf of two pediatricians and their limited liability corporation in a case involving an alleged delay in the diagnosis of a large symptomatic meningioma in a 9-year old boy requiring surgery and causing [...]

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