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Physician Peer Support Program

EmPRO Peer Support




  • Unexpected Complications
  • Medical Errors
  • Malpractice Lawsuit
  • Pending Deposition
  • Stress/Burnout

One to One Peer Support

A confidential telephone conversation with a seasoned and experienced physician colleague who is trained to understand the impact of medical errors and lawsuits can have on your life. Your peer supporter is discreet, compassionate and ready to listen.

*Please know your peer supporter is not a therapist or a counselor


Peer Support Group 

An opportunity to meet in a confidential and safe environment with a small group of other physicians to discuss the shared experience of being involved with a medical error or lawsuit. Meetings are monthly and is led by an experienced colleague for 90 minutes at EmPRO headquarters in Roslyn, New York.

For More Information Contact Us at 833-774-6625 Ext. 4322 or


Mindful Practice in Medicine

This group is led by Dr. Mick Krasner, a world-renowned thought leader in the field of mindfulness. Each of Dr. Krasner’s presentations will focus on different topics.

The Writer’s Studio

This group brings the humanities into focus and helps the group use storytelling to find connections to the experience of practicing medicine. The group is led by Narrative Medicine expert, Dr. Barbara Hirsch.

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion in Complex Times

Learn mindfulness skills with mindfulness skills with mindfulness/meditative expert, Mark Bertin, MD. You are welcome to attend with your office team. 

Women in Medicine

Facilitated by thought leader, Jo Shapiro, MD, this group provides a safe and confidential space for sharing for physicians with like experiences.

Dr. Jo Shapiro, MD

Policy of Confidentiality

All our programs are confidential including our virtual meetings. No notes will be maintained, due to our confidentiality policy. Virtual events will not be recorded. 


For More Information Contact Us at 833-774-6625 Ext. 4322 or