EmPRO Frequently Asked Questions

HOMEEmPRO Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is EmPRO an admitted insurer in the state of NY?​

Yes.  EmPRO is a New York licensed admitted insurer.


Q. Will all policyholders be renewing into EmPRO?

Yes.  All qualified policy renewals will be renewed into EmPRO on their renewal dates.​


Q. Will my hospital accept a policy on EmPRO paper?



Q. Since EmPRO is a stock insurance company, do I continue to be a subscriber of PRI?​

Yes.  All policyholders of EmPRO are subscribers of PRI.


Q. If I have a claim with PRI, am I still going to be covered when I switch to EmPRO?​

Yes.  Claims that have been reported to PRI will continue to be covered, even when your policy is renewed into EmPRO.​


If you have additional questions not listed here, please feel free to contact us directly.

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