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HOMEEducation Services

EmPRO is committed to promoting proactive and innovative education to encourage safe and effective patient care practices as well as improve physician agency, satisfaction, and well-being.

With EmPRO’s Education Services you will have access to courses that are:

  • CME accredited
  • MOC approved
  • Qualified for participation in New York State’s 5% Premium Discount Program
  • Approved for participation in New York State’s free Section 18 Excess Insurance Program
  • Approved in Pennslyvania for a 7 and 1/2 % premium reduction.

To access your courses, login to your eServices portal and click on the EDUCATION tab.

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Our courses have been consistently recognized for excellence in the industry, earning notable awards:

2022 Brandon Hall Award, Best Customer Training
2022  LearnX Award, Learning and Development in Ethical Training for Physicians
2022  Apex Award, Education and Training
2021  LearnX Award, Learning & Development and Customer Experience
2021  Learning Technologies Shortlist
2020 Brandon Hall Award, Best Custom Content
2020  LearnX, Education and Compliance
2020  APEX Award, Education and Training
2019  Omni Award, Education
2017  Brandon Hall Award, Best Custom Content
2017  Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, Davey Award
2017  Omni Award in Education
2017  Aurora Award, Interactive Media
2017  Horizon Award, Training and E-learning
2017  Horizon Award, Health and Human Services
2017  Horizon Award, Mobile Design
2017  Horizon Award, Instructional Video
2017  Learning Technology Awards, Shortlist
2009  Chief Learning Officer Award
2005  Brandon Hall Award, Best Custom Content
2002  Institute for Healthcare Communication