Whether You Are a New Provider, Practice Part-Time, or Prefer to Pre-Pay, We Have Discounts to Save You Money

It’s exactly the way a doctor would run a malpractice insurer, and it’s the philosophy on which our business is based. This approach is complemented by our expert staff, who have intimate knowledge of the range of medical specialties we insure, from internal medicine and surgery to anesthesia to obstetrics and everything in between. We put this experience to work for you to provide the highest quality counsel for your peace of mind.  We also proudly offer discounts on liability insurance for a variety of situations.

EmPRO makes quality insurance affordable through a wide range of incentives including discounts for new physicians, no consent discounts, and VAP discounts. We also offer risk management courses that qualify you for premium discounts. The more you learn about EmPRO, the more you’ll realize that we offer physicians the most comprehensive coverage in New York State.

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Not all discounts can be combined

25 to 57%

New Doctor Discount

Available to physicians who apply within 90 days of completing their residency or for those physicians beginning private practice for the first time. Claims-Made: Approximately 57% for first year, 37% second year and 25% third year.
Occurrence: 50% for the first year

35 to 50%

Part-Time Discount

50% premium discount is offered to physicians in non-surgical specialties who work a total of 20 or less hours per week.
35% premium discount is offered to physicians in surgical specialties who work a total of 20 or less hours per week.

7.5 to 12%

Claims Free Discount

Up to 12% discounts for physicians who are claims-free for the qualified period of time


Joint Defense Discount

This discount permits EmPRO to assign one attorney to represent co-defendants on one claim
** Only available to full-time practitioners**


Risk Management Discount

Offered to physicians for successful completion of EmPRO’s Risk Management Program.


No Consent

Offered to physicians who grant EmPRO the right to settle any claims made against you without your prior written consent.


Annual Pre-Pay

Offered to physicians who make a full annual payment prior to their due date.

10 to 15%

Risk Purchasing Group Discounts

Discounts vary by group association. Please contact our Sales Department at (833) 774-6625 for eligibility requirements and discount information.