You’re Invited to a Live Virtual Tour of The Brewster House!

HOMEYou’re Invited to a Live Virtual Tour of The Brewster House!


Grab a mug of cider at home and experience an interactive virtual tour of one of Long Island’s most historic taverns to learn about the Culper Spy Ring, British loyalists and more!

Joseph Brewster’s (1741-1808) cousin was Caleb Brewster, a member of the Culper Spy Ring. Visit Joseph’s home and tavern to see the intimate spaces where secrets were shared, and information was passed. Explore the complex evidence on Joseph’s loyalties and join us in exploring why Long Island’s loyalists chose to remain on the British side, what the revolution was like for them, and happened to many of them after.

The experience includes a tour of the historic Brewster house, its connections to the Culper Spy Ring, and a special guest, University of Maryland history professor, Richard Bell. Professor Bell’s research interests focus on American history between 1750 and 1877, and he has taught and spoken extensively about British Loyalists in the aftermath of the American Revolution.


When: Thursday, April 29th at 8:00PM EST


We hope you can join us! Any questions, please contact Christine Quinn:

Registration is limited!

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